Tuesday, 19 January 2010

You make me blush

Lace dress from cheepvintage, church&state Maple dress via francesmay

Generally I like my outfits to include some good solid colours, black, grey, dark blue are all good. Pale colours scare me a bit and I don't really like pastels. However I have found myself becoming drawn to blush coloured clothing lately, the idea of something light and more spring like is definitely appealing on these long grey days of winter we seem to be experiencing.

I really like the label church&state, especially since they focus on dresses, which as we know are my favourite thing. I love their current collection, where each dress is named after a tree. There are so many pretty details on each dress, I can just imagine them being permanent wardrobe staples I'd want to wear again and again. This dress would be a lovely addition. I found this one via francesmay, which looks like a great online shop, shame It's in the America, they have some interesting labels.

I have also been after a lace 60's style dress for ages, and although I imagined it in cream, this little number from cheepvintage is pretty special. The only items of clothing in blush I already own are this 1950's lace suit and this blouse I got ages ago in a jumble sale. I really love this suit, although it's falling apart, the lace is very worn down and it is all very delicate, but i have worn the jacket once or twice. As for the blouse, it had a very 90's silhouette, with giant overlong cuffs, so I hemmed it to a more wearable length. Still it reminds me of a waitress uniform a little bit, so maybe I will wait a while longer before admitting blush to my day-to-day wardrobe.

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