Friday, 22 January 2010

For Grace and Charm

I recently found this rather sweet little booklet/calender of my grandmother's and thought I would share it with the wider world. It is for a lingerie brand named Spirella. Their slogan appears to be;
"Just a corset means so little"
"SPIRELLA means so much"
On one page it says, 'Spirella service is the embodiment of all the experience, scientific research and consideration of individual needs can produce.'
I have to assume this belonged to my great grandmother since my own grandmother would have been just 5 in 1930. It is a good example not only of how much women's lingerie has changed over the past 80 years, but also how these old fashioned styles are becoming popular again. Although I doubt rubber corsets will ever be back in fashion. Another Spirella page is entitled 'Prevention is better than Cure' and goes as follows;
'A scientifically designed Figure training garment or belt provides the necessary abdominal uplift and support with slight intra-abdominal pressure, and yet is sufficiently supple to permit freedom of movement and comfort, even during strenuous games.'
It is odd to think of having to wearing a corset while playing sport. Although I think the drawings in this little booklet are lovely, and I adore 1930's clothes, I have to say I am happy women are no longer expected to wear 'figure training garments' anymore.

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