Monday, 27 February 2012

Mint tea

Cardigan - TSE, jumble sale
Shirt - Uni qlo, jumble sale
Cords - Uni qlo
Belt - gift
Shoes - Henry Holland for Debenhams
Bag - Charity shop

Listening to - PJ Harvey - on Battleship Hill

I am finally doing my seasonal 360 where I want to wear dark grungy colours in winter and soft off colours in Spring. Since it's not really warm yet I am making do with the colour combination of mint + red, which are surprisingly good together. As evidenced by this lady. I got both the shirt and the cardigan at a super awesome jumble sale a couple of weeks ago. It was more expensive than ususal - some items were £2! (To me this is a lot for a jumble sale but cheap compared to many charity shops so all is well) There was a funny old lady there who kept throwing any 'young looking' things in my direction and asking if I'd like them. Amongst them was this cardigan. I recognized the brand TSE, who do 100% cashmere cardigans so happily snapped it up for 50p. I also found a beautiful 1930s crepe blouse which I will have to wear soon. I need to document my outfits more often now it's light, and take more pictures generally. For example I was at a party dressed as Patti Smith and have no photographic evidence, need to work on that.
Also Let England Shake by PJ Harvey is amazing, have been listening to it constantly.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Breathing space

Hat - H&M (sale)
Jeans - Uni qlo (sale)
Shoes - TK Maxx
Shirt - Vintage, M&S

Listening to -  M83 - Reunion

I wore this with the plan of going to see the Yayoi Kusama exhibition at the Tate Modern. However I wasn't really prepared for the size of the queue (in fairness it did only start two days ago) and decided I will go back a bit later to see it. Instead I spend some time looking at the permanent collections. I realised I haven't been to the Tate modern in over a year. Which is pretty bad when it's only half an hour away. I found this visit it particularly inspiring and in fact the whole day, walking along embankment in the afternoon sun, browsing the book stalls, taking everything in was like a much needed breath of fresh air.  My camera battery wasn't charged either so I took my sketch book instead which makes a change. Sometime I really miss being an art student. I think that stretch of the river is one of my favourite places to be in London. The view over the river up from the London eye to St.Paul's always reminds me that London can be such an incredible place to live in.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Top - H&M
Cardigan - Gap
Necklace - Gift
Trousers - Uni qlo
Boots - Clarks
Waistcoat - Vintage, charity shop

Listening to - First Aid Kit - Emmy Lou

In the second week of January we took a short holiday to Devon/Cornwall and the scenery of which I never tire. The Jurassic coast is just so beautiful. These photos also prove that the British sea side does have its moments, and the sun does actually come out occasionally to dazzling effect. I even saw one  brave girl swimming in Cornwall. I know it's a mild winter but still I was impressed. As I have said these desert boots haven't left my feet much for the last month or so, (as you can see, my boyfriend is also a fan.) They are just so comfortable, and as I get older, comfort starts to mean more than it once did. No more ballet flats in in minus temperatures anyway. This outfit isn't much, but I do like the velvet waistcoat, found for £1.50 in a charity shop. I also wore it over this dress, and felt like I should be a 1970s country singer, which is no bad thing. I am on the hunt for some straight leg jeans that sit higher on the waist than most jeans. I have only seen some in M&S that weren't quite right and also American Apparel which are a bit much so if anyone have any recommendations, I'd be glad to hear them.