Sunday, 6 January 2013


Cardigan - Made by my Grandmother
Shirt - Vintage Jaeger from jumble sale
Skirt - Uni Qlo
Coat- Uni Qlo last year
Tights- Gift
Necklace - Gift
Boots - Charity shop

Listening to  - The Haunted Man - Bat for Lashes

Happy New Year all. I've managed to not take a single outfit photo for over a month somehow. Well actually its because I leave for and return from work in the dark but that's no excuse. I have had pretty great festive time. I seriously over indulged with food, particularly puddings... I received some nice gifts, got to celebrate with various friends and family an also went to my first blitz party. It was awesome and I am definitely going again. Outfit wise I'm predictably still all about mini skirts and shirts. I actually really like this outfit, which is rare. I like to wear slightly off colours and colour combinations and this fits with that. Also the cardigan goes so well with the boots. The cardigan was a pre-Christmas gift from my talented knitter of a Grandmother. I love the rust colour with the flecks of blue, and the mohair is so soft and warm. The boots were a long awaited for purchase. I have wanted a pair of heeled ankle boots for about a year but couldn't find any that I really liked enough to fork out £50-£80 on. So I resisted. Then I saw these in a local charity shop. I turned them down because they cost £20 (!) To me that is way too much for a charity shop pair of shoes. However after going out for the day I concluded I needed them. When I got back to the shop another girl was trying them on. As you can see they luckily (for me) didn't fit and I got them. I'm not sure what anyone else thinks about this, but I am starting to find charity shops are pricing me out of purchasing. For example a second hand office pair of shoes for £25 or an H&M dress for £15. I know that's not that much really but to me the joy of charity shops is the combination of giving to charity plus getting a bargain and the bargains don't seem to be as available these days. Obviously I want the charity to have as much cash as possible but I feel I would probably buy more if things were a little bit less. Any thoughts on this? Also Bat for Lashes latest album The Haunted Album is so so good.