Sunday, 27 February 2011

Thrifting trip


These are the results of a thrifting trip I took last weekend to Deptford market. It was pouring with rain when I arrived, and to start with it seemed like the stalls were only selling food or cheap household wares. However my friends and I eventually stumbled across the flea market type section of the market. There were stalls selling various bits of furniture and such assorted junk. We all felt very sorry for an old dolls house that was getting soaked in the rain. There was one great stall with two big bins of clothes, some rails and then just a big heap of clothes on the floor. We all got stuck in and I found all of the above which came to £15 for the lot. I wouldn't normally buy second hand high street things, but the gap dress just feels like it will go with anything. I wanted that duffel coat when it was in the store but for £65 I decided I didn't need another coat, for £4 I can't really resist. I am especially pleased with the leaf print jacket, as a girl was trying it on when we arrived and then discarded it, not sure why as it's in great condition. Along with my haul, my friends bought a fish tank, a metal trunk, a Barbour jacket, a 1960s maxi dress and a 1980s silk shirt. Not bad for a rainy market. Think I'll be going there again.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Back to the future

I came across these fascinating photos today that I really wanted to share. They are all by photographer Irina Werning. I really love the idea of these photos, to totally recreate a past moment in time. To show how much people change and yet how recognizable they are. I always find something a little sad about old photos, if only because that past they portray has now gone. Also I  love how the first one looks like a current street style shot, what a stylish girl! Anyway I'll get these photos talk for themselves. (I couldn't resist the one at the end from a different series of girls with long hair -  pretty amazing.)

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Just for you circa 1965

Dress- Warehouse
Cardigan - Vintage, the shop
Socks - Top shop
Brooch - vintage, charity shop
Belt - vintage, charity shop

A belated Valentine's post. My mum gave me this vintage Valentines card last year. It was given to my maternal grandmother by my grandfather. I like the unusual shape and lack of tackiness. Generally I would go for red and black for Valentine's, but this year i decided to take inspiration from the card and go for a more softer palette, which i actually really like. This dress you've seen before and cardigan is borrowed from the shop. The belt and brooch are both from the same Devon charity shop on the same day, which I've only just realised. I decided to make some pink macaroons for the day too, and they weren't bad. Although they are a serious sugar hit. Next time I want to try a chocolate and pistachio recipe.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Bring me roses..

Apologies for me extended absence, moving house plus no Internet for a couple of weeks is what's to blame, I have been really missing catching up with all your blogs! So until a working connection is restored, hopefully on Thursday) here's a little, rather belated, valentine's shop update. Fingers crossed I will be back with more regular posting by the end of the week.