Monday, 26 April 2010


A few days ago I ventured out without my customary tights for the first time this year, a sure sign things are warming up. I thrifted this skirt last Wednesday for a pretty impressive 50p, even though it is 100% silk. It feels so lovely to wear, especially in warm weather. I also got the necklace, which is green too, so I felt like going for the green theme. It's a shame these photos are so small, you can't really see the detail. The necklace is on a long chain and the pendant is hollow with some smelling salts in it and a little stopper with a chain hanging off it. I don't know what these necklaces are called, does anyone else? I like them, although they tend to smell a little bit like old ladies and lavender.

Thursday, 22 April 2010


The thrifting gods (or godesses) have been good to me lately. Sometimes is seems almost impossible to find anything older than the 1980s in charity shops but on the odd occasion I can still find something. Like this dress. It is the exact blush pink colour I was longing for in this post and actually matches the 1950's lace suit exactly. Perhaps it was a popular colour then? Anyway this dress is from the label Victor Josselyn, which is a 1950s label based on my Internet research. It's a very simple style with a nice ribbon trim around the neck.

The cardigan is hand knitted - I added the leather buttons to make it a true grandpa cardigan, it is super warm, still useful even in spring. The shoes are also rather grandma like, maybe I am secretly a little old lady? They are woven and go with pretty much everything. Finally the magazines - The four were sold together, and are from 1940-41. Called Lilliput with the slogan 'the magazine for everyone'. I find it incredible that someone kept these stored away somewhere for 70 years. The content ranges from poems to short stories and these funny photo comparisons, like in the last photo. Some of the photos are quite interesting fashion wise too which is a bonus. I will try and do some scans of these soon.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Playing dress-up

I'm sorry as ever for the lack of posts - to add to my woes, not only is my laptop out of action, now my camera is too! Hopefully both with be fixed soon, but for now this means no photos/outfit posts. Anyway.. I have a birthday dinner to attend tonight and I have a new dress to wear, which is always a cheering thing. The dress in question is from H&M about a month ago. I was unsure about it but I am glad I kept it. I was drawn to it initially because it reminded my of a collection my Australian label Dress-Up. I found the label on the Internet ages ago and then saw a little bit about them in British Vogue in February. My favourite dress from the S10 collection is the first one shown, the secretary dress in mauve which is my absolute favourite colour. I love the tactile looking fabrics and the clever cuts, revealing mere hints of skin. Also the ethos behind the label makes the clothes even more appealing. According to the website-

Dress Up is a fashion label by designer Stephanie Downey. Driven by a desire to create clothing that reflects human emotion, her objective is a more sensitive, artistic approach to fashion. The clothes she makes are about pretending. Each collection interprets a story; translating the memory and imagery of people and places.

I've always held onto the idea that clothing tells a story. Vintage clothing in particular, since vintage clothes have had a whole life before they come to you. I am always intrigued by the thought of where a dress has been, on what occasions it was worn and so on, especially since it's generally a mystery.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Fell asleep beneath the flowers...

Just a hint of summer in the air today. Don't you just love Spring flowers? Right now the whole house smells like Hyacinth's. According to my language of flowers book, a daffodil means regard. Also a dandelion means rustic oracle. I don't know why I didn't look it up sooner. Also I brought a new book, I've been wanting to read some more poetry lately, so here's my starting piece. Faber and Faber have the loveliest covers.