Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Playing dress-up

I'm sorry as ever for the lack of posts - to add to my woes, not only is my laptop out of action, now my camera is too! Hopefully both with be fixed soon, but for now this means no photos/outfit posts. Anyway.. I have a birthday dinner to attend tonight and I have a new dress to wear, which is always a cheering thing. The dress in question is from H&M about a month ago. I was unsure about it but I am glad I kept it. I was drawn to it initially because it reminded my of a collection my Australian label Dress-Up. I found the label on the Internet ages ago and then saw a little bit about them in British Vogue in February. My favourite dress from the S10 collection is the first one shown, the secretary dress in mauve which is my absolute favourite colour. I love the tactile looking fabrics and the clever cuts, revealing mere hints of skin. Also the ethos behind the label makes the clothes even more appealing. According to the website-

Dress Up is a fashion label by designer Stephanie Downey. Driven by a desire to create clothing that reflects human emotion, her objective is a more sensitive, artistic approach to fashion. The clothes she makes are about pretending. Each collection interprets a story; translating the memory and imagery of people and places.

I've always held onto the idea that clothing tells a story. Vintage clothing in particular, since vintage clothes have had a whole life before they come to you. I am always intrigued by the thought of where a dress has been, on what occasions it was worn and so on, especially since it's generally a mystery.


  1. Lovely post Rebecca! It's true, I collect vintage tea sets and I find it fascinating to think of the people who may have had tea parties before me!? x

  2. I love vintage so much too, plus its good for the environment because its recycling. I think this photo shoot is creepy, but is a good way! Is that possible?

  3. Thank you for the comments, the photo shoot is a bit voyeuristic perhaps I agree, like getting a peek into someone's wardrobe. Collecting vintage tea sets sounds rather lovely laura, and tea parties are always good!

  4. I love your pphotographs - the clothes are darling but you've pictured them in such a lovely way, they look absolutely amazing. Especially the second one and the bottom two, I agree with Helsbells they are beautifully haunting!

    Ellen xxx