Monday, 26 April 2010


A few days ago I ventured out without my customary tights for the first time this year, a sure sign things are warming up. I thrifted this skirt last Wednesday for a pretty impressive 50p, even though it is 100% silk. It feels so lovely to wear, especially in warm weather. I also got the necklace, which is green too, so I felt like going for the green theme. It's a shame these photos are so small, you can't really see the detail. The necklace is on a long chain and the pendant is hollow with some smelling salts in it and a little stopper with a chain hanging off it. I don't know what these necklaces are called, does anyone else? I like them, although they tend to smell a little bit like old ladies and lavender.


  1. Some amazing vintage finds Rebecca! Loving the pendant, the Victorians had some quirky ideas....smelling salts in case 'one' felt faint...also used by ladies to mask the whiff of city streets, hehe.....could come in quite useful nowadays if you ever have the unfortunate experience of visiting a nasty festival loo. Beautiful skirt....and 50p!? Steal! Keep up the good work...x

  2. Thanks Laura, Good idea for the necklace, I think I need to put something less granny smelling in it. I got the skirt in a place caleld Lewes, near Brighton. I definitely recommend stopping there on your summer roadtrip, I'll do a post about it soon. x

  3. i would wear every bit of this. love the necklace a ton too.