Monday, 31 October 2011

Three peas

Shirt  -  Jumble sale
Skirt - Charity shop, hemmed
Necklace - Gift
Bag - Charity shop

~ Listening to - Florence + the machine - Ceremonials ~

Can you tell I'm happy it's Autumn? It is so my favourite time of year. A couple of months of many fun things, starting today really with Halloween. I celebrated by going to a party on Saturday, my costume was not really scary, I was Kiki from the film Kiki's delivery service. I was super happy to find a huge red bow belt from H&M which completed mt costume perfectly. There were a lot of good costumes at the party, most comprising much fake blood and also a couple of very good black swans. The outfit above is from Saturday daytime, I always pull this skirt out at this time of year, the dark tapestry style floral just seems to suit the weather. The necklace is a favourite of mine and was a gift from a couple of birthdays ago. I found it in a tiny shop/gallery in Lyme Regis and was lucky enough to receive it as a present a few months later. I love the slightly unusual colour and I like anything with a nature theme. I also just realised that I've had that bag since I was in art college, so about seven (gulp!) years ago. Still at least it's lasted. Tonight we are just going to watch my Halloween favourite Hocus Pocus. Happy Halloween everyone!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Folded stone


 Samantha Pleet SS12 preview, all images from Elle

I recently found the above images and spent some time looking through them, and really I love them all. All those bleached out stone and earth colours and intricate pleating and folding reminds me of sculpture. I am really drawn to these muted soft colours, as I noticed the other day when clearing out my wardrobe. I also like subtle cut outs and twists that are like origami. It reaffirms my belief that I need to take some pattern cutting classes and try to understand these books, that are so inspiring.

Monday, 17 October 2011



 Cardigan - Jumble sale
Shirt - Jumble sale
Belt - Jumble sale
Skirt - Traid shop
Dessert Boots- Clarks (on sale)

~ Listening to - Jonas Alaska - October ~

On Sunday it was back to the National Trust for a wander around the gardens of Nymans, previously mentioned in this post. Nymnas has really beautiful gardens. Last time I was there the rose garden was in full bloom, this year we just managed to miss the really vibrant autumn colours, which the gardens are famous for. In the end I blended in quite well with the dusty chalk like colours of the place. I feel like the colours are more suited to spring than autumn but I do like a tonal outfit. And these boots! I watched them on Clarks until they went on sale, but then they ran out of my size. On a chance trip to a shop in another part of London I found them, the only pair left! Obviously meant to be. Plus they are so comfortable, I am a total convert to the Clarks Originals now. I was also really happy to find a plant that matched my shoes.  In a random Etsy search I discovered that what I consider to be 'grey marl' (these tights) is often called 'heathered' in the US. Hence the title of this post, although if that's not actually the case, do let me know.

Monday, 10 October 2011



Beret - Knitted by my grandmother
Ralph Lauren shirt - Jumble sale
Black jeans - Uni qlo
Satchel - Cambridge satchel company (gift)
Dr Martens Velvet brogues - jumble sale

~ Listening to  - Florence + the machine - Shake it out ~

I have to agree with everyone else out there and say I'm happy Autumn has finally turned up. So my favourite season since it involves all the following; Halloween, beautiful colours, bonfire night, my birthday and awesome flavours in coffee shops. I find I do a complete 180 with my clothing tastes as soon as the nights start getting darker. In summer I want light colours and flowing skirts and in winter I want clean lines and rich colours. At the moment I feel quite like dressing in a 1970s/1990s college student kind of way. Also it being back to school season means it's time to bring out the satchel. I've also been reading Tomboy style religiously and was really inspired by this post particularly, which may explain why I've been looking for an A line mini dress recently. And also why I took The Empty page: Fiction inspired by Sonic Youth out the library last week, it's pretty good so far. I was really happy to go on some seriously jumble sale thrifting at the weekend, where I picked up this Ralph Lauren mustard shirt for a bargain of 30p. The shoes are from a previous jumble, they are a bit ruined and a bit too big but I love the rich cranberry velvet of them.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Queen of the hill

1950s dress - Jumble sale
Belt - Charity shop
Bag - Jumble sale
Sandals - Topshop
Listening to ~ Braids - Lemonade ~

So, more holiday photos. I wasn't going to post these, as I was expecting to be into autumn outfits now but since we are experiencing a bit of an Indian summer here, I thought I would. I was so delighted when I found this dress at a jumble sale. It's so hard to find anything older than the 80s these days, but someone threw it in my direction and I grabbed it, assuming it was a table cloth. It needed a couple of repairs and is missing a belt but it's otherwise perfect. I like how it manages to be both floral and checked at once and has those contrasting black buttons. I was waiting for the right occasion to wear it, and chose the day we drove to Nice and the hill top village of Eze, where these photos are taken. My pictures don't really do it justice, it is very high up and at the top of the village is a ruined fort and a succulent/cactus garden. Apparently the mayor decided to build the cactus garden in the 1950s and is a bit strange climbing to the top of this hill only to find lots of exotic cacti.