Monday, 17 October 2011



 Cardigan - Jumble sale
Shirt - Jumble sale
Belt - Jumble sale
Skirt - Traid shop
Dessert Boots- Clarks (on sale)

~ Listening to - Jonas Alaska - October ~

On Sunday it was back to the National Trust for a wander around the gardens of Nymans, previously mentioned in this post. Nymnas has really beautiful gardens. Last time I was there the rose garden was in full bloom, this year we just managed to miss the really vibrant autumn colours, which the gardens are famous for. In the end I blended in quite well with the dusty chalk like colours of the place. I feel like the colours are more suited to spring than autumn but I do like a tonal outfit. And these boots! I watched them on Clarks until they went on sale, but then they ran out of my size. On a chance trip to a shop in another part of London I found them, the only pair left! Obviously meant to be. Plus they are so comfortable, I am a total convert to the Clarks Originals now. I was also really happy to find a plant that matched my shoes.  In a random Etsy search I discovered that what I consider to be 'grey marl' (these tights) is often called 'heathered' in the US. Hence the title of this post, although if that's not actually the case, do let me know.


  1. When I first glanced at your brand list, I thought it said "for sale" and i was like "I'll take them!" but alas, no. They are so perfect!

  2. I've been seeing suede desert boots everywhere but not in that shade! I'd get a pair if it were not for (a) my insolvency and (b) my continuing desire for an Isabel Marant-like cowboy boot. :P

    Glad that you're back National Trust-ing! I'm making an itinerary for my mum's holiday next April so your posts are very helpful with the planning.

  3. love all the grays! you inspired me to wear my heather tights today :) that shot of your shoes with the gray leaves is fantastic!

    also: eeee SAW was so scary! i only ever watched the first one and that was quite enough!

  4. LOVE this. Am following now :)


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  5. Such a pretty place! Love the gorgeous photos!