Monday, 10 October 2011



Beret - Knitted by my grandmother
Ralph Lauren shirt - Jumble sale
Black jeans - Uni qlo
Satchel - Cambridge satchel company (gift)
Dr Martens Velvet brogues - jumble sale

~ Listening to  - Florence + the machine - Shake it out ~

I have to agree with everyone else out there and say I'm happy Autumn has finally turned up. So my favourite season since it involves all the following; Halloween, beautiful colours, bonfire night, my birthday and awesome flavours in coffee shops. I find I do a complete 180 with my clothing tastes as soon as the nights start getting darker. In summer I want light colours and flowing skirts and in winter I want clean lines and rich colours. At the moment I feel quite like dressing in a 1970s/1990s college student kind of way. Also it being back to school season means it's time to bring out the satchel. I've also been reading Tomboy style religiously and was really inspired by this post particularly, which may explain why I've been looking for an A line mini dress recently. And also why I took The Empty page: Fiction inspired by Sonic Youth out the library last week, it's pretty good so far. I was really happy to go on some seriously jumble sale thrifting at the weekend, where I picked up this Ralph Lauren mustard shirt for a bargain of 30p. The shoes are from a previous jumble, they are a bit ruined and a bit too big but I love the rich cranberry velvet of them.


  1. I have to say you just made me realize that I think I am a girly girl in Spring and Summer and a tomboy in Autumn and winter! All I can think is knitwear and warm colours too! The dresses stay behind...
    You look lovely! I want a cambridge stachel too!

  2. What a perfect fall outfit! Autumn is definitely my favorite season because of the color palette. The color of your shirt is just lovely.

  3. 30p! You find the best charity shops - 30p seems like a price from long ago...

    It's a great shirt too, such a lovely colour, and it's very cool that your grandmother knitted you a beret!

  4. Beautiful colors! This is why I love Autumn :)

    Your shoes are superb!!

    hugs (^.^) hope to hear from you *

  5. These colours are all perfect together. I've never seen a colour blocked satchel like that one, but it's great. I really love your shoes though.