Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Jumper - jumble sale

Skirt - Pendleton, Traid shop
Dessert boots - Clarks sale
Duffle coat - Topshop, second hand from market

Listening to - Bat for lashes - A forest

January feels different this year. For one thing it's not really cold and I had a holiday right at the start so the usual January blues seem to have passed me by, a very good thing I must say. These photos are from Kew gardens. The last time I went was November 2010 and it was freezing and coated in thick mist, beautifully atmospheric. This time the sun was soft and I didn't really need my coat. I find Kew a very inspirational place, mainly I think because of the pleasant state of decay of the greenhouses, which are full of chipped paint and antique iron work, combined with exotic plants. I also picked up a 1950s guide book in a local jumble last year which was actually pretty useful. I have been wearing my dessert boots no stop and am pining for this pair (I am hopeful they will end up in the sale and still in my size) Also this duffle coat, I picked it up on a very rainy afternoon at Dalston market for £4 last March and it has fared me well for this winter. I was super happy when I saw the awesome Pendelton label on this skirt. It needed shortening but I like having something with such a heritage to it.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Bed of roses

Dress - Miss Selfridge, jumble sale
Cotton Cardigan - Jumble sale
Belt - Was my Mums
Boots - Gap about 3 years ago

Listening to - Michael Kiwanuka - I need you by my side

Apparently I want to dress like a mid 1990's teenager at the moment, at least if this outfit is anything to go by. I think this A-line rose print dress must be 90s and also this crazy cotton cardigan. Which has all sorts of cables and stitches going on and ways a ton. I go through phases with the biker boots, I love them but I think they are a bit small on my feet. Lately they have been superseded by the Dessert boots from this post. Which I wear all the time.  There is no real reason I haven't been blogging so much, except that daylight hours are too short and Christmas is always so busy. I've just been to Cornwall for a few days relaxation before going back to work, and I will post those photos next. Now I going to attempt to do some sewing.