Thursday, 12 January 2012

Bed of roses

Dress - Miss Selfridge, jumble sale
Cotton Cardigan - Jumble sale
Belt - Was my Mums
Boots - Gap about 3 years ago

Listening to - Michael Kiwanuka - I need you by my side

Apparently I want to dress like a mid 1990's teenager at the moment, at least if this outfit is anything to go by. I think this A-line rose print dress must be 90s and also this crazy cotton cardigan. Which has all sorts of cables and stitches going on and ways a ton. I go through phases with the biker boots, I love them but I think they are a bit small on my feet. Lately they have been superseded by the Dessert boots from this post. Which I wear all the time.  There is no real reason I haven't been blogging so much, except that daylight hours are too short and Christmas is always so busy. I've just been to Cornwall for a few days relaxation before going back to work, and I will post those photos next. Now I going to attempt to do some sewing.


  1. I love the cardigan and the boots. An eensy bit jealous right now.

  2. You look so pretty! I love this outfit-especially the cardigan. It's darling!