Sunday, 25 March 2012

That 70s top

70s Top - Charity shop in Devon
Jeans - Were my mum's/altered
Shoes - UO 

Listening to  - Forget - Lianne La Havas

Sunshine, blossom trees, flowers, summer clothes!

Yes I am happy Spring is finally showing itself around here. I think this is the first weekend I've ventured out without a cardigan for many months. I do wear a lot of cardigans though. I've had a very soothing weekend basking in the sunlight. Today was very lazy and we just wandered around town, had some pretty good lunch and lay in the park reading. My kind of Sunday. Although I meant to do some sewing/altering which I haven't quite managed. It's good to finally be able to wear this very 70s top. I found it maybe a year or two ago in a Devon charity shop. It has a matching high waisted maxi skirt with embroidery around the hem, however the waist is about 23 inches and so no good for me. One of these days I may make it a knee length skirt by taking the waist down but I have more pressing alterations before then. I am fond of the colour and the giant sleeves but I am quite uncomfortable in anything cropped so I had to wait until I found some high waisted jeans. Luckily my mother obliged by giving me an old pair of hers, I just took in the legs and now I have perfect high waisted jeans. I also think it's funny these are actual 'mom jeans'. I think I should probably have worn my clogs too, just to get a more 70s vibe altogether. Happy Spring everyone!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Willow pattern

Shirt - Vintage stall at a festival
Skirt - New look
Belt-  Was my mum's
Shoes - UO last year
Bag - jumble sale

Listening to Marathon - Tennis

It's been a busy couple of weeks. On Sunday I came back from a little holiday to Center Parcs. I have never been to a Center Parcs before and when I was a child I use to think the glass dome containing the swimming pool covered the entire area, like a giant bio-dome. I still find it disappointing this is not the case! However I had a really good time, it rained but we still managed to get in plenty of cycling, badminton, tennis, swimming and mini golf. Working all the time inside an office just makes you crave the outdoors and it was just what was needed. 

I had grand plans of outfit posts by our villa overlooking a little pond but that never happened. Instead these photos from the previous Sunday, when I made my first trip to infamous Battersea Car boot sale. I was surprised ta how busy the place was, still my friends and I picked up some bargains. We particularly enjoyed rummaging through a suitcase full of vintage patterns, which yielded some great styles, including a sailor coat and a cut out mod all in one. I also found some Clarks brogues for £5 and some nice blue fabric. After having a through look round we stopped at a good local cafe for pasta and ice cream. It was a great day and I'm looking forward to going again sometime.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Keep making me laugh


Jumper  -  jumble sale
Skirt - 90s GAP from charity shop
Clogs - Clarks circa 2010

Listening to  - Lady of Sunshine -Home Sweet Home

How cute is this little Fiat? Sadly it isn't mine but isn't it great. It's been parked in our road a lot lately so I thought I'd go for a picture.

My attempts at documenting my outfits more frequently aren't going too well so far! This is what I wore yesterday,hopefully the end of jumper season. I got this wool jumper with the rest of the great haul at the jumble sale a few weeks back. I mainly bought it for the label. Since jumbles are so frantic the label is often my only chance to see if something is vintage. The skirt is a very useful 1990s Gap number, good for all seasons. The clogs are maybe a bit 'off trend' now but I don't really care, they are very comfy and I still enjoy them. 

In other news, something you won't know about me is that I really like Zach Braff. I like Scrubs but it is mainly down to his film Garden State (which I adore). So when I heard he was bringing his new play 'All new people' to London I knew I would be going. We went last night and I really enjoyed it, the whole cast were great and it was funny. After the show I waited outside with a lot of other people and he came out for a bit to sign autographs. You can imagine how happy I was to be able to meet him and get his autograph and one (very blurry) photo! He was nice and spent a lot of time thanking everyone for coming and posing for photos.

 So now that is one geeky fact about me that the world now knows! Is there any famous person you like and have been able to meet?