Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Winter Wants

Although the January sales have been going on all around me I haven't found much to really capture my imagination. Maybe it's the time of yea,r but I have a really craving to create a new look for myself with some good new pieces yet I can never find quite what I'm looking for, plus Christmas always leaves me feeling short on cash. The solution to this problem would be to make something. Normally I have many dresses in mind vying to be created, and although I have plenty of fabrics at the moment, no dresses are suggesting themselves to me. So I have turned to the Internet for inspiration.

I really love Built by Wendy, although it is a bit out of my price range, I did by a built by you pattern and I was happy with the result. I like how wearable built by Wendy pieces are, like they would fit right into your wardrobe. I especially love this dress, the colours are so lovely and I am always fond of massively contrasting fabrics such as the wool and satin here.

I also like this Chatou dress by surface to air. Surface to air clothes are always interesting and I like the Mod look of this piece, particularly the grey chambray type fabric. I have always been a fan of chambray.
Hopefully these will help replenish my inspiration, I'm hoping to make a start on a new dress tomorrow.


  1. Love this dress and loving your blog - keep up the good work. Vintage Fashion is amazing

  2. Hi, thanks for reading. It's great to find other people who love Vintage too.