Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Chiffon in the snow

This post refers to my greatest ever vintage find.

That find was - an original Ossie Clark for Radley chiffon and crepe dress, with print designed by Celia Birtwell. I couldn't believe it when I found it in the charity shop a couple of weeks ago. I was idly searching through the dress racks when I spyed it, my first thought being that it was a piece from the Celia Birtwell for topshop collection from a few years ago, but then I checked the tag as I always do, and I couldn't believe it. I gleefully made for the till right away. It is an old size 14, but the good thing about it is it's loose shape, so it would fit almost anyone, and the print is so lovely. I researched it and I think it most closely resembles a print called blue Lillie's. I may do a more detailed post on Ossie Clark in the future. But for now, the dress. I wanted to post on it right away but decided to wait for a suitable location to photograph it in, and the weather was most obliging, giving me a perfectly white backdrop of foot deep snow.

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