Thursday, 14 July 2011

To the lighthouse

Hat - Jersey charity shop
Dress - Camden market last year
Shoes - H&M
Bag - Army surplus store, years ago

~ Listening to 2 Trees ~ Foals ~

So a little bit more of Jersey. Also I feel I must confess the shaming fact (for a bookworm) of having never read To the lighthouse. I once read about four pages and then somehow never picked it up again, does anyone recommend I give it another go? I got this dress a year ago in Camden Stables, it was a bargain but I've never worn it. I know peter pan collars are still going strong but I find the lacey one on this dress a bit twee against the red and that put me off. I think it was originally a maxi dress, since it has clearly been hemmer. However I do like the two florals in one dress and the piping, plus it was just right for this glorious sunshine. Which sadly there isn't meant to be much of this weekend. This could be a bit of a problem as I am camping from tomorrow until Monday. Oh well, wish me luck!


  1. These photographs are so so so beautiful. Looks like an amazing day, and this dress was the perfect choice for frolicking on the beach!

  2. I quite liked To the Lighthouse: it's quite tough going, but ultimately very atmospheric and rewarding. I think it would make it easier to read if I were reading it in view of an actual lighthouse though!

    These are lovely pictures - I've never been to the Channel Islands, but they always look lovely.

  3. your photos from jersey are so incredible! it looks gorgeous there. i will be heading to a very different sort of jersey beach in a couple of weeks (jersey shore, eeks!) and i have my doubts that it will be as tranquil as this one.

    and... top secret: i have never read anything by virginia woolf! oh dear, the truth is out. i started reading (and will someday actually read because i liked the beginning) mrs. dalloway, but that's it. cue the shame. so many books, so little time!

  4. Gorgeous photos! That is a beautiful dress!

  5. Beautiful photos. I've never been to Jersey, but may have to now! Love the dress and hat together, so chic!

    Girl about Town XxX

  6. I love all the photos but especially the first!!