Monday, 11 July 2011



 Silk shirt - Traid
Waistcoat - Jumble sale
Jeans - Uni qlo sale
Hat - Jersey Charity shop, £5

Listening to ~ Fall at your feet ~ Boy&Bear

This weekend I visited the Island of Jersey. It was fairly surreal getting an early flight and arriving at the airport at 8.30 on a Saturday. There is really a lot to do/see around the island, we barely touched on it and only visited the South side. One of the most intriguing things ( to me) about Jersey is it's history, particularly the German occupation during WW2. I really wanted to visit the war tunnels, which are now a permanent museum about the occupation.  The tunnels were fascinating and chilling, I was impressed by a lot of the exhibits and how they attempted to give a two sided view of past events.b The photos above are from St.Brelades Bay beach. A truly gorgeous beach, and luckily the weather turned properly summery by the time we arrived. I felt pretty overdressed, although the great thing about silk is how breathable it is even in heat. Before this we visited the town of St.Helier where I found this great hat in a charity shop and wore it the rest of the time we were there. Looking at these photos of the beach makes being back at work even less inspiring. I will probably do another Jersey post to relive my mini holiday.


  1. Ask for Mary Ann! Brilliant. And I don't think you're overdressed at all. I do like your floral vest. As always, I enjoy your mini-history lesson. Is Jersey near Guernsey? I read about the latter in a lovely book called Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. :)

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea

  2. these photos of you are so fun and so good!! i think i'd want to visit the tunnels also, that is awesome..

  3. Ooh Jersey looks lovely! Might have to take a trip there myself.