Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Little ships

Top - H&M a few years ago
Necklace - Devon charity shop
Skirt - 90s Gap, charity shop
Shoes - Charity shop
Bag - vintage gift years ago

Listening to  - The vaccines ~If you wanna ~

Summer is passing me by at a slightly alarming rate this year. I have had a busy few weekends, on Sunday I ate extreme quantities of ice cream at the Sundae festival. The weekend before I had an amazing time at Latitude festival. I really enjoyed the fact that the festival is about so much more than music. There was theatre, cabaret, literature, poetry, film and comedy. As well as all sorts of hidden stages and acts scattered about the woods. It's an unusual experience to be wandering about in the woods at 2am to come across a ska band playing with characters from Alice in wonderland milling about and fake snow falling on your head. So it was a bit of a shock to return to London and work. Cities in the summer can sometimes be a bit oppressive anyway so on Sunday I headed to Teddington, to sit by the river, make friends with a little cat and watch the boats go past and generally relax and enjoy the rest of the summer.


  1. This post makes me miss university English class; I remember my professor talking about the fishing boats sailing to Dunkirk. Also, the setting of Connie Willis' Blackout which I really ought to finish.

    Sounds you're having an absolutely lovely summer. Wish I was there!

  2. Theses pictures are lovely, and what an adorable cat!! Your outfit is so pretty too!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. What a cute cat!! Glad you're enjoying your summer. i'm in the middle of a pretty cold winter in New Zealand and very much looking forward to spring around the corner!

  4. Really cute pictures! I love the location. Nice, simple, summery outfit too. That skirt is great!