Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Shades of Grey

Chambray dress with  collar details, from eBay Here
Canvas check shoes, from Lisa zain at Etsy Here

Nautical print 1950's dress, from Ollie Otson at Etsy Here
Dark red sandals, from Anthropologie Here
Sailor knot necklace, from The Vamoose at Etsy Here
Blue Seagull dress, mine from Primark a few years ago 

Grey Linen dress, from Ninth Avenue Vintage at Etsy Here
Cream oxfords with checked laces, from Verhext at Etsy Here
Blueberry oatmeal dress, from Modcloth Here
Peach, Plum, Pear dress, from Modcloth Here

I have realised a few interesting (to me at least) things as regards my personal style since starting this blog. For example, I didn't realised quite how drawn I was to plaid/checks. Yet whenever I catch sight of a sweet checked dress/top I always want it.  Even back in January I was thinking of checks for summer, with the Rachel Comey inspired dress I posted about, which  I'm still planning to make.

Another thing I am consistently drawn to is chambray. I just think it looks good in any combination, as a dress, skirt, top, shorts... even shoes. In shades of blue/grey particularly. I have already made a couple of things for myself using chambray, one of which I will post about soon. However I think I should try something different next, maybe making something in linen.

Another inspiration at the moment is anything seaside, boating, nautical related. I think my recent trip to the seaside has made me long for the sea. I really love all the items in these little collages, especially the first dress with the collar details, it's a shame it's too big for me. And I just love the anthroplogie sandals, which are greatly out of my price range. I'm hoping to find some good summer snadals and  get myself a little chambray seaside themed dress soon.


  1. Haha, well your loves are definitely evident in this post! I love all the looks you put together. Those slip on plaid shoes in the first look are adorable!

  2. The nautical print dress in the second photo is beautiful!! I love nautical inspired things too :)


  3. Hi! Thanks for dropping by the blog and for your nice comment.

    I really like your collages. I think my summer wardrobe is pretty (500) days inspired too. I keep wearing blue and chambray. Such a pretty color for summer/spring.

    Lovely collages. :)


  4. I'm obsessed with nautical too, can't go past stripes! LOVE that rope necklace....away onto etsy now to check it out! Great post.

    Laura x

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone! I'll be making more collages in the future I think. Glad I'm not alone in still liking the nautical look too. The rope necklace by Vamoose it great I agree.

  6. LOVE these. I like your blog a lot!