Sunday, 21 February 2010

Just a couple of city slickers

As promised here are some of the vintage photos I found in Brighton. I thought I'd start with these ones as they all have writing on the back. Which makes them that little bit more interesting. I particularly love the first one, 'just a couple of city slickers' it makes me wonder about the two women in the photo, they look dressed for town but they appear to be standing in the countryside. I'm not sure what the writing on the back of the one of the group of girls says, They are in a place called Adelboden which is in Switzerland and it looks like they are in school uniform, so maybe on a school trip somewhere. I like that someone has specified that Rosalind is the one with the 'brown bun'. The last photo is probably the oldest, Auntie and family. I like the devious expression on the little girl's face ad who is the mysterious 'I' who took the photo? Much as I find these old photos fascinating, there is always something a little sad about them, how did they end up for sale, why are they not in a family album somewhere? Well at least they have a new home now.

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