Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Brideshead revisited

I found the top photo on Saturday whilst visiting one of my favourite shops, snooper's paradise (an apt name) in Brighton. The moment I pulled it out of the pile of old photos I thought of Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead revisited. (Which I fully recommend if you haven't read it.) The vintage car, the summery clothes. The trio of figures...Charles Ryder, Julia Flyte and Sebastion Flyte out for a drive perhaps? It inspired me to look up some shots of the two adaptations, from 1981 and 2008. In terms of fashion inspiration, I think the 2008 version is far more interesting (that white dress with the swallows!) But otherwise I prefer the 1981 version, since it stays closer to the story.  Does anyone else have a favourite? Usually I would expect myself to be drawn to all of Julia's floaty, drapey, beautiful 1920s/1930s outfits. However I'm actually far more inspired by the boater hats, cricket jumpers, pullovers and crisp summer trousers. I think it's Spring being just around the corner. The final photo here shows Hugh Lygon, thought to be the inspiration behind Sebastian Flyte.


  1. I adore Brideshead Revisited - though I have only seen the recent version. I especially love the still of Sebastian floating down the river with his teddy :)

  2. Waugh is one of the authors I always mean to read (I like questioning Catholic writers like Chesterton) but I am put off by the very unhappy feeling that the book back cover blurbs give me. Not even the delectable Matthew Goode could get me to watch Brideshead Revisited. Maybe when I'm a little older... ;P I'll stick with Sayers and Allingham mysteries for now as my 1930s period pieces.

    It's wonderful though how you found that photo and it IS very reminiscent of the book.

  3. I haven't seen the recent version, but I was so in love with the 1981 adaptation. At least the first half. I find the bits with Julia kind of boring and zoned out once Sebastian wasn't in it so much. But it's certainly great inspiration!