Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The first flowers of Spring

Leather jacket - TKmaxx a couple of years ago
Cardigan- Charity shop
Top - jumble sale
Shoes - charity shop
Skirt - Uni qlo
Scarf - jumble sale
Bag - jumble sale

 ~ Listening to ~ Stereophonics - Pick a part that's new

This weekend it really started to feel like Spring, or at least according to the flowers I saw in Richmond park on Saturday. I haven't been in a couple of years, even though I live pretty close. It's so nice to feel like your out in nature whilst still in London. On Sunday I visited the V&A (Victoria & Albert museum) , which, unlike Richmond Park, I visit all the time. I was disappointed to see the Fashion section is closed until Spring 2012, even though I have seen their permanent collection dozens of time before. The great thing about the V&A is it's so vast, there are still many collections I haven't seen before. I particularly enjoyed the theatre and film section on this trip. Vintage theatre posters are so inspiring, I wish I could take some home and put them on my wall! It's crazy to think what's on display is only a small portion of what the museum holds. Does anyone else have a favourite museum?


  1. I really love vintage theater posters as well! The graphics back then were so much nicer than they are today. Ah, well. But I do love your outfit! Great skirt and cardigan.

  2. Oh noes, 2012? I did so want to see the exhibit on Edwardian dresses as most styles sort of merge together in my mind after 1850. But I hadn't known about theatre posters and now will make sure to take a gander.

  3. oh, how pretty! i love the photographs of the flowers.

    i really love the natural science museum in washington, DC - whenever we're there i have to stop by!

  4. great photos! I love spring time and richmond park....ah beautiful sunshine! :)



  5. beautiful pictures. i can't wait for spring to role around in full force.

  6. lovely, I'm loving the pics of all the beautiful flowers, spring is definitely in the air, yay! And I'm loving your outfit, those shoes are absolutely adorbs. xx veronika

  7. The V&A is a great museum... I haven't been in too long. Time for another visit.

    Aren't the flowers amazing in London these days? I was also taking pictures of daffodils the other day, and I wasn't alone!