Friday, 2 July 2010

In the tall grass

Top - Found in attic
Skirt - Charity shop
Necklace - Charity shop
Bag - Jumble sale 
Clogs - Charity shop

 It's funny how in the last post I said I can never find vintage shoes these days and then immediately went into a charity shop and found a pair of clogs. I have to say I've been a bit unsure on the whole clog thing. I really like the clogs+socks look  for it's nod to geeks etc but wasn't really sure how it would look for me. However these clogs are more sandal like and also not so high as the infamous Swedish hasbeens appear to be. Also they are very comfy. The clogs are made by Walkley clogs in Wales. The only traditional clog makers still going in Britain, they've been around for 62 years. I actually rather like the boot style clogs in their catalogue for autumn.

Since all the editorials I've seen with clogs and a sort of grunge vibe, I thought I'd pair them with this 1990's thrifted £1.50 topshop skirt, but then I chose this 1960's top. I have a thing for button back tops at the moment, also it has a scallop hem. The necklace is one of those that is filled with perfume like the one from this post. This was the first one I found and probably my favourite. I love the little painting on the side. I took these photos on a walk through the fields near where I live, there were butterflies everywhere and kestrels hovering. I even heard peacocks in the distance and made friends with these cows hiding in the shade. Such a perfect summer day.


  1. I really like your necklace. It's very sweet.

  2. First of all I have to say that these photographs are beautiful!

    And secondly, I am loving the nude color combination.

  3. totally loving anything scalloped right now and that top is just so charming! :D

    Animated Confessions

  4. Great photos! I love the outfit!


  5. Oh, man! Those clogs are a great find. I am also on the fence about the half clogs but sandal clogs are really great. I have a pair with heels and they are painful as heck. Perhaps it is time to hit the thrift store and find a more comfortable pair like yours :)

    Your photos by the fence are very pretty, Rebecca!

    B from A plus B

  6. I love the skirt so much (:
    Oh, and nice name ;)

  7. hi! i'm a new follower here but i wanted to share my appreciation of this outfit - the top is just lovely and i love the shape of it with the A line skirt! seems like something that sort of works unexpectedly.