Sunday, 13 May 2012


Cardigan - Gap
Necklace -COS
Silk top - Jumble sale
Quilted skirt - Comptoir des Cotonntiers/charity shop
Vintage tights - Gift
Shoes - Henry Holland/Debenhams

Well the weather acting like its Autumn is making it hard for me to know what to wear right now. I keep wanting to wear light pastel coloured things but end up back in darker colours and more cold weather wear. It's not so bad since it means I can wear this skirt. I found it in a charity shop and took it in a little at the sides and now I really like it. It's a not too in your face floral pattern and it's quilted, I like the different textures. The silk top is a great colour but it has obviously suffered some bleach or something and has some green marks on it. I was thinking of trying to dye it or bleach it another colour, anyone have any experience or tips about dying fabric?


  1. Your quilter skirt is cool! But it's so frustrating when the weather doesn't cooperate! I don't want to dress like November in May, either! Hope the sun comes out for you!

  2. I've been looking for a top like that! You look lovely.

  3. I know nothing about dyeing except 70s tie-dye. :)) But I'm sure you'll work it out and the new shade should come out fantastic. Terrible weather returns!

  4. This is a really nice outfit i especially like the cardigan!

  5. I love the slouchy silk blouse and the tights :) xx