Sunday, 15 April 2012

Snuff said

Shirt - Jumble Sale
Pinafore - Jumble sale
Belt - Charity shop
Shoes - H&M

Listening to - I'm his girl - Friends

I feel I should apologise for the silly blog title, I just couldn't resist. By way of explanation - these photos were taken Saturday when we visited a Snuff Mill. We didn't actually go in it for some reason, but explored the park and empty house nearby. The whole area is National Trust but open to the public and is called Morden Hall Park. It's a pretty place, the white iron work bridges and little ponds in particular. The house in the pictures looks fairly old but is out of use, and looking inside it seems like it was perhaps a hotel, I'm curious about it since it's unusual to find unused buildings on National Trust sites. This outfit is certainly basic, I have been drawn to clean lines and work wear lately which may explain it. I had been after a pinafore type dress for a while after seeing all the great ones Isla wears. Luckily I found this Laura Ashley number in the great jumble sale I went to in Feb. Amusingly the lady who sold it to me said ' You do realise this is a maternity dress?' I said yes I was going to take it up and in, which I have. got to see the potential in clothes that may not seem right straight away. Although it is still a bit loose. The belt I've had for years and recently rediscovered in a Spring clean. I like it when you find forgotten favourites.


  1. But it looks too pretty to be left unused! Too bad you couldn't go exploring inside. Jumble sales, can't wait to go to one this summer!

    A from A + B in the Sea

  2. Love the pinafore! And the simple way you wore it!

  3. Love this cute & simple black & white look. It's great to see the potential of what a garment can be as opposed to what it is on its own. Those creative touches can make such a world of difference!

  4. The whole outfit is just perfect! I love the black and white combo, and the dress in particular. Is it velvet? Such a great find!