Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Happy talk

Top: H&M
Belt: Vintage Laura Ashley, charity shop
Skirt: Charity shop, £1
Shoes: Henry Holland for Debenhams
Scarf - gift 
Bag: Jumble sale, 50p

Listening to - Bombay Bicycle Club ~ Shuffle ~

The title of this post refers to a song from South Pacific, which I've just been to see at the Barbican. It was quite interesting just going to the Barbican, it is such a big place and I quite like the blocky concreteness of it all. It was a brilliant production, both the leads were especially good. I was surprised at how many of the songs I knew since I have never watched the film. I also didn't realise that the storyline contained such political story lines, particularly since it was first produced in 1949. In essence it was a lot less light hearted then I had always thought- but in a good way. There were some nice 1940s outfits too, one beach ensemble contained some shorts very much like a pair I just grabbed in the UO sale. Other than that I went to the Notting Hill Carnival on Monday, a BBQ on Sunday and a wedding on Saturday. I will try and find some nice photos from that, although for the most part I was drinking champagne and eating the pretty cupcakes made by the bride herself. This outfit has me in two minds, I like the long length skirt when I see it on other bloggers but I do feel like I could happily chop a foot off it, what does anyone else think, long or short? The scarf is one of my favourite possessions. It was a gift from my grandmother and was made by a local textile artist in the 1970s. I love the soft green shades and the subtle lace pattern.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


T-shirt - Gap
Cardigan - jumble sale
Necklace - vintage, gift
Silk skirt - charity shop

~ Listening to - Travis ~ Driftwood ~

So this is where I've been the past few days. Idling about on a beach .I actually swam in the sea too, I don't think I've ventured into the British sea in years, but it wasn't too bad. Nothing much else really, just lots on long walks, copious amounts of ice cream and Cornish pasties, strawberry and lime cider and Frisbee on the beach. Also I finally got to go to another jumble sale! I was very excited since there haven't been many this year and nothing makes me happier than rummaging around in piles of old clothing. I was pretty disappointed to leave behind a giant old steamer trunk, but until the day I have a (much) larger flat I have to leave all those things for someone else. After such a lovely break it was tough going back to work! Still there is a bank holiday this weekend so the summer holiday feeling will last a little bit longer. Also I want to thank everyone for your lovely comments on my last post, really made my day! 

Sunday, 7 August 2011

The shore

Top - Uni qlo
Cords - Uni qlo
Bag - Jumble sale
Shoes-  Charity shop
Badge - The Tate St.Ives

Listening to  ~ Noah and the Whale ~ Give it all back ~

These pictures are from May when I was last by the sea. It has been too long since I had some sea air in my lungs. Luckily I only have to wait two more weeks before my next trip to the sea side. Outfit posts have been scarce, since co-coordinating myself and my photographer has been tricky and I still feel too silly taking the tripod out and about around here. This weekend has been fairy mellow, picnic in the park and today Sunday lunch in a great local restaurant and a stroll to see some historical buildings. Out of interest to any international readers- does anyone else enjoy a Sunday roast? This outfit is super simple but seaside appropriate. Featuring my all time favourite sort of ugly but awesome shoes and the best quality striped top I have found so far. Good old uni qlo. As for this back pack - I think it was maybe someone's 1990s school bag, since it features a lot of Biro scribbles to the interior. I like the jaunty turquoise colour scheme though.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Mid summer

Stella Magazine 08.07.11

Photography - Nicole Nodland
Styling - Nicky Yates

These photos from Stella magazine a couple of weeks ago really evoke the feeling of languid summer days. I have to say I'm pretty jealous of that girl in her canoe. I'd love nothing more than to be by the sea, a lake or any body of water really. London is experiencing a mini heat wave just now. It's nice to finally break out my stash of sun dresses though, and also plan trips to one of the local Lidos, of which I have heard good things.