Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Concrete Sky

Dress - jumble sale
Cardigan - jumble sale
Boots - vintage
Bag - vintage, Christmas present last year
Bracelet - charity shop
Belt - charity shop

These photos are from last Friday. This is what I wore to a friend's party that evening. The majority of this outfit is vintage, and mainly courtesy of the many jumble sales I have been frequenting lately. The dress has the kind of print that on the one hand makes me think bank-worker-uniform circa the mid nineties and on the other, makes me think of space and the night sky. It was also massive so I took in the side seams and hemmed it, and voila a party dress is born. I meant to put the boots in the shop, but they just seem to go with everything and I couldn't resist. And the bracelet is Cacheral from a charity shop about ten years ago. I think it might have been a free gift, since all the charms are perfume bottles. I'm glad I photographed it now, since I seem to have lost it since. Hopefully it will turn up.


  1. The whole outfit is very nice. I particularly choose your bag as the best part of the outfit!!!

  2. Cute and casual party outfit! The little socks peeking out of your boots are a darling touch.

  3. SUCH a cute little bag! I would love to get that for Christmas!

  4. gorgeous outfit, i love the boots and cardie and the grey tights make a nice change from black :) x

  5. This looks cozy, but also really chic. Love it.

  6. very cute I'm in love with your purse!

  7. I love that cardigan, and I'm not sure why because I almost never wear cardigans. It must be the vintage appeal.

    In Class, En Vogue