Thursday, 3 December 2009


Hello. Autumn is officially over as far as I am concerned, a sad thing since it is my favourite time of year. The leaves, bonfire night, fireworks, Halloween, my birthday, all the best things. Now I can look forward to a long English winter, and the challenges of staying warm without losing all sense of style. More on that later I think because winter has caught up with me and given me a bit of flu, so this will be a very short post - apologies. I thought I would share with you this photo, I photocopied it from a very old book about the Bauhaus a couple of years ago. I wish I knew the book's name, if anyone recognises it please let me know! Unlike most books I could find on the subject this one had lots of photos of the people who worked or attended the Bauhaus. I've lost some but I have a few left, which I will post in the future. This one is my absolute favourite though. The serious expression, the intricately ruffled dress, the jaunty little hat. It never fails to inspire me.

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