Sunday, 22 November 2009


A few weeks ago I took a trip to Standen . Standen is a national trust house famous for it's arts and crafts style interiors and beautiful gardens. Although it's not that far away I haven't been there in years. Unfortunately you aren't allowed to take photos inside the house, which is a shame because although it's a such a large Victorian house, inside feels really cosy and lived in. I've always liked visiting these old houses and imagining the lives of the people who lived there.

Standen was built for the Beale family in the 1890s, who continued to live there until the 1970s. There is a little exhibition inside the house about all the children who grew up playing in the house and grounds, with photos and toys. Apparently a favourite childhood pastime was to take down the fire shoot from an upstairs window and slide down it, another was to pack six children to a beloved rocking horse and ride it across the billiards room floor. The house is famous for being built in the arts and crafts style and is particularly well known for the William Morris

Design for Windrush fabric by William Morris 1881-83

I really like William Morris designs, they are all very pretty without being too fussy. I am a big fan of off-colours and his prints usually involve plenty which always appeals to me. I felt really inspired after visiting and even found some William morris printed fabrics, although they are really meant for interiors, I can't help imagining these as sweet little dresses or skirts.
I think my favourite is the middle on, although the mustard coloured one would be good for an autumn shift dress. If I get any further with this project, I will keep you informed.

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