Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Autumn is everything

Jacket - my mothers from the 1970s
Shirt - 1970s vintage , jumble sale,
Jeans - H&M
Bag - American eagle (gift)
Boots - vintage, jumble sale

Autumn is the best season. Halloween and the annual watching of hocus pocus (best Halloween film ever), fancy dress and pumpkin flavoured goods. Bonfire night, mulled wine and free fireworks. The colours, the weather, the getting out of the cold weather wardrobe. All good things. Especially since this is the first year in a long long time we have had a real summer. I mean it was 32 degrees, that never happens. And it's still not really cold. Hence the above outfit being acceptable in the third week of October. I've had this jacket of my mum's for a while. It's a perfect fit but needed a repair which I put off too long. Happily it is now fixed. These boots are doubly old, I bought them approximately 4 years ago at a jumble  and the have now given up and fallen apart. An excuse for new shoes? The blouse is new to me, I found it at a jumble sale a week earlier. The label says Pepperhill California. I hope it belonged to a true Californian Hippy. At the same jumble I found some simialr items, I hope they all came form the same well dressed woman.
There is no single reason for my not blogging through 2013 so far. I've moved jobs, but that's about it as far as big changes go. I've noticed lots of blogs I have followed posting less, maybe it's just the Autumn of style blogging? I guess we shall see.

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