Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Grey Skies

Coat - Vintage, charity shop
Shirt- Vintage Liberty's, charity shop
Skirt - Topshop, jumble sale
Cardigan - Uni qlo
Shoes - Clarks
Necklace - Gift

This outfit is a kind of homage to the grey weather we've had a lot of lately. I really try not to wear too many very dark colours during the winter as I think I feel happier in neutrals and lighter colours, especially when I'm getting up every day in the dark. I love this coat but haven't worn it much in the five years I've had it. It's mostly due to the extra large collar, but pinning it under seems to have worked. It's probably a man's jacket from the late 60's and has a label with 'Dandy, Kings Road' on it. I may have to wear it on a visit to it's spiritual home. I love a bit of history to my clothing. Also these Clarks shoes are the best, super comfortable and also go with everything, who new metallic silver could be such a useful shade.

I've had a busy November, celebrating my birthday and also Thanksgiving. I went to an American friend's Thanksgiving dinner and it was amazing! It's kind of a shame we have no national holiday with a proper feast attached to it. I had the best Oreo and Raspberry cheesecake I imagine I will ever eat and I even sort of enjoyed the sweet potato and marshmallow dish. I also had a really good birthday with some lovely thoughtful gifts and a lot of chocolate cake. I like to treat myself to a birthday dress each year but this year I made one and then didn't wear it, sometimes I lose courage wearing homemade things out and about. It's quite an interesting time capsule of my style, seeing what I have worn on my past few birthdays. If anything it's not changed much, I wore the same boots two years in a row. Speaking of boots I finally found the perfect pair of ankle boots after resisting any and all high street versions, I found a great pair in a local charity shop, they will no doubt be on this blog a lot this winter.


  1. Your silver brogues truly have me swooning! They are all kinds of gorgeous! <3 <3 <3

    Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

  2. it may be grey like the weather, but my it's cute!