Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Standen revisited

Top - Jumble sale
Skirt - Traid shop
Sandals - Topshop last summer
Bag - Charity shop
Necklace - Charity shop

To Standen once more. It's becoming a sort of yearly ritual to visit in the tail end of Summer/start of Autumn. I last went at the start of October 2011 in a heatwave and before that in September 2010, captured in this post - the bees are still at work! Standen was as gorgeous as ever, wish I could live there sometimes. Also the shaded area full of ferns was great in the heat. Clothing wise, lately I have been really drawn to a palette of blues/greens and neutrals. I think they are the colours I feel best in. Much like this lady who feels best in Kelly Green. The concept of only wearing one colour really intrigues me. I think I would seriously struggle but since different colours do effect my mood it makes a certain sense. In keeping with my colour direction, I bought a Hobbs blue two piece outfit from a charity shop. Normally I would think a two piece means a jacket and skirt/trousers but in this case it was a polka dot shirt and linen skirt, pretty odd but fine by me.

 I think one of the most interesting things about having a blog and getting to look back at old posts is seeing the changes. For me it's noticing that I have become way fussier about what I purchase (well to a degree) and I'm definitely looking for quality more than ever. Not so much from Primark round here these days. Could just be a sign of getting older though. Although September is just around the corner I don't feel done with Summer just yet, time is passing too fast.


  1. What a beautiful place! The longer I blog the pickier I become about my clothing as well. Fabric, stitching, and fit matter way more to me than they did last year! I'm also far more willing to spend money on altering things to fit better!

  2. Lovely place, and lovely outfit to match! This puts the idea in my head to have yearly Hajj of sorts.