Monday, 19 September 2011

Fleeting light

Top - Vintage, charity shop
Wrap Skirt - Belonged to my Grandmother in the 1970s
Sandals - Topshop
Bag - Vintage, jumble sale

Listening to ~ The Gentle Good ~ Aubade

While I've been gone, summer has ended. I took a last minute holiday and finished the summer by enjoying the crazy hot temperatures in the South of France. It was quite a shock going from cotton sundresses to the jumper I am currently wearing. I had a wonderful time, I've never been to that part of France before and is very beautiful. We stayed in a small town that had plenty of French charm and two very good bakeries. I do love the whole cafe culture, it's so good to just sit on the street with a cool drink watching the world go by. In between doing a lot of relaxing we did visit some places. These photos are from Le Thoronet Abbey about 30 minute drive from where we were staying. It was sparse but beautiful and the clean lines and beautiful light really appealed to me. When I go on holiday I  like to take clothes that mean something to me. I liked the idea of wearing this skirt, that once saw 1970s summers with my grandmother, now seeing some 40 years later with me. I think I now have post holiday blues, although looking at all the great autumn outfits you've all been posting on your blogs has definitely cheered me up.


  1. Funny, I love your summer photos! Though I suppose it's because we don't have autumn in Manila, just thunderstorms. :)) I can imagine your gran kept her dresses and skirts carefully folded in tissue-layered trunks. It's a nice image but it must be even cooler to take 'em out and wear 'em.

    And okay, watching One Day it is!

  2. Beautiful! Where were you? I was in Tournon earlier in the Summer. So amazing!

  3. Sounds perfect – sunshine! Amazing! I really like the idea of a late summer holiday. I love your vintage heirloom skirt too!

  4. gah, not fair not fair! i miss europe...

  5. Beautiful photos! The location is amazing and I adore your skirt - the style is gorgeous and I love how it was your grandma's :)

  6. wow!!! love your pictures, this place is an amzing!!!! and the skirt is awesome!!!love your style & blog!!!

  7. oh wow, gorgeous pictures! such a sweet simple feminine outfit too, love it!

  8. So jealous of your great vacation location! And such lovely photos. I'm staying in Southern Oregon, U.S.A, right now. Vacations are fun! But I'm looking forward to being home too...

  9. It looks like a wonderful holiday! I've never been to the South of France but would love to go. It looks a lot like Catalonia actually, which would make perfect sense. Great reasoning behind the outfit too, and the skirt looks simple and coherent with the architecture. Great post all round!

  10. I really love your blog,
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  11. I seriously love that skirt, it's so nice!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue