Tuesday, 17 May 2011

It could stand on the ground


These are a few snapshots from my weekend. I took an impromptu visit to the Southbank centre. They had a mini food market on outside, where I ate some delicious food and Nutella ice-cream. Then as we walked inside a choir started singing don't stop believin', which was rather surreal. It's one of my favourite things about living in London, that you can just stumble upon things like that.  Inside there is a temporary 'museum' to the festival of Britain 1951. It was interesting to learn about the festival and the wider context of post-war Britain. I have quite a fondness for the interiors and particularly the textiles of this era. I also enjoyed the description of the Skylon, which was built for the exhibition but served no actual purpose. I especially liked reading people's memories of visiting the museum, which were displayed on lines of bunting in one room. Outside the whole embankment was decked out in bunting as well, beach huts and a temporary beach.


  1. Awesome picture of the bus and the bunting! I think I missed most of the exhibitions; I was too busy burying my feet in the sand... but I guess I'll have to go back!