Sunday, 28 November 2010

Cold snap

Hat/gloves  - Knitted by my grandmother
Coat - Jumble sale (50p)
Jumper  - Jumble sale (20p)
Skirt - Gap
Tights/socks - Primark
Boots - Charirty shop (£5)
Owl Necklace - Birthday gift
Bag - Charity shop (£4)

So...I don't quite know what happened to November. I do apologize for my total absence from this blog. November has been a very busy month what with Halloween, bonfire night, my birthday, several other people's birthdays and so on. Outfit posts are getting trickier too, since I leave for and return from work in the dark now. Still I have the weekend. Since my last post the weather's turned wintery so I decided to wear something a little brighter than usual for a Sunday afternoon walk. I don't own much 'bright' coloured clothing, aside from a couple of red things. Still sometimes it's nice to wear something a little different. I'm also having some trouble finding the right winter coat this year. I really want a navy duffel coat, but one that's genuinely warm, not just a thin high street one, and the perfect vintage one eludes me still. This tweed coat is a little big (I've turned the sleeves under) but for now it will have to do. I hope everyone's having a good month. I will be updating the shop this week (really, I have the photos done) so please stay tuned.


  1. Saaaame. A navy duffle coat would be boss. I was able to snag one at Forever 21 last year but it's just a jacket and I'm scared to wear it out. Best of luck in your hunt!

    The red and brown make you look like a stylish hunter. I mean that in a very good way. :)

    Bea from A plus B

  2. love the colours in your outfit and the coat is gorgeous - can't believe it was 50p! x

  3. I also want a navy duffle coat (Dang it, Bea, you beat me to it)! I really wanted one from Dahlia but, god, the prices are mind blowing.

    My friend asked me why I wanted to go to the UK on holiday next year since Spain was warmer, cheaper, and has better food. I quipped back, "Jumble sales!" I am in awe what you picked out for oh-so-little money but put together to look fantastic!

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea

  4. You have some serious jumble sale skills! I love these pictures, this is such a perfect winter outfit, you look really nice. Good luck in finding that duffel coat!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  5. Love this outfit, that color is amazing. Plus, this looks super warm and anything that is super warm is a plus in my book lately.


  6. i know! all of the really cute coats are hardly even warm. unfair, esp. since i live in such a subzero zone. however, i LOVE this outfit! the coat looks amazing with that red beret :)

  7. I really love the colour scheme going on here (though I bet that field is now covered in snow, right)? ; )

    I saw a vintage blue toggle coat on Etsy recently I think. No idea where though, and shipping is so expensive on coats. Check though. I agree that the high street coats are rubbish...

  8. well it's never too late to get back to blogging again! ^.~
    I love this outfit. the colors and the layering are perfect!

  9. i love that bag!!! you have such a talent for putting things together.


  10. Awesome coat, such a great find! Really loving the red stockings. Be sure to post pictures when you find your perfect navy coat!

    Stacey @ VPV