Sunday, 14 March 2010

Let the sunshine in

Sorry for the hiatus, my computer had some problems but is almost back to normal now, thankfully. It feels like winter has finally ended since my last post, and spring is on it's way. Plus I have definitely been thinking of warmer weather with my vintage purchases lately. The shirt was one of those items where I couldn't decide if it was something I really liked or kind of hated, since denim and another fabric can look a bit odd I think. However turns out I like it. I have been feeling quite a 1970s vibe for Spring/Summer this year and this shirt fits right into that. I especially like the circles at the side. The top is a very simple broderie anglaise cotton, very light and easy to wear.  I also found a stash of 1970s dress patterns in small sizes the other day, they will be coming up soon.

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