Sunday, 16 January 2011

Whistle down the wind


Cardigan - Warehouse sale
Skirt - Charity shop (H&M)
Scarf - Borrowed for my sister
Boots - vintage, charity shop

~ Listening to Cloud control - The Rolling stones ~

I've had a good restful weekend. Today I visited Sheffield Park, where I went last June to climb the giant redwoods and admire the rhododendrons. I sometimes like visiting parks/gardens off season, and today instead of sunshine it was super windy, as you can probably see. We found a part of the gardens we hadn't been to before where there is a restored cricket ground and new Pavilion. Apparently the cricket ground was put there by Lord Sheffield in 1845 and used up until World War One at which point it was used as a planting area for wheat. It was resurrected after the War until World War Two when it was occupied by Canadian soldiers and has been out of use until the last couple of years. I like learning these small and largely irrelevant pieces of history. After a couple of hours walking we went to have some hot spiced apple drink (so good, wish I had a recipe)and carrot cake before coming home where I made some raisin cupcakes. Winter always makes me want to hibernate so I like these calm weekends, particularly since we are moving in a couple of weeks so calm will be hard to find for a while. How was your weekend?

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Twenty Ten

Jumping on the retrospective bandwagon a little late but still... this sums up last year. Looking back I summarize the following - I didn't realize I ever really wore yellow, I don't like facing the camera and I don't post as many outfits as I thought. I plan to post far more frequently this year. I'm moving to a new flat at the end of the month so once I'm settled I hope to be able to work on the blog and also the shop a bit more.  I loved Spring last year and I'm excited to plan my wardrobe for spring this year.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

A tourist in the waking world

Headband - Knitted by me grandmother
Top - Vintage, Etsy
Skirt - Jumble sale
Wool socks - Gift
Boots - Jumble sale
Cambridge satchel - Christmas gift

 ~ Listening to Florence + the machine - Blinding ~

Happy 2011! I hope everyone had a wonderful new years. I always think NYE is a bit overrated but I had a good time this year, with much wine and catching up with old (and not so old) friends. I didn't mean for these photos to look quite so ghostly, but i had the camera on pinhole so there we go. I really wanted to wear something involving my two new favourite things, the top and the satchel. I absolutely love this little sailor top. I've been trying to be frugal with buying myself clothes for a while, but I just have to have it. It's made of thick tan jersey, with toggles and a sailor collar, it's form the 1950's and the label is narnina, which naturally makes me think of Narnia and love it even more. As for this bag, well... I've been after a cambridge satchel for nearly a year, but I never felt I could justify the price of one to myself. Then a certain someone sneakily got my one for christmas. It even has my initials! I couldn't chose between brown and navy, so now I have both colours in one.  I sort of want to dress like a 1960s collage student at the moment, however in my mass clearing out I found this H.M.S Victory pin, and thought it kind of went with the sailor top. Now it's back to clearing out my wardrobe, I'll be adding some things to the Etsy store soon too.